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June 16, 2009

Next Up On The Horizon...

We have come to a conclusion. After months of worrying about where our road will lead us next, about our next job assignments and where they are, we have finally made up our mind about it all. We are not going to be working at all.

The idea really started to make sense while we were in the midst of a week-long trip to Vancouver in early May. We were hanging out in a place very close to where we had planned on spending our summer - Seattle - and we were starting to see that there wasn't a great chance that we'd be spending any time there this year at all. Job prospects were slim, and we didn't know what we'd do next.

On the other hand, we had been talking about taking a long trip late in the year, probably starting after the assignment that would have followed our present contract. Somewhere during our trip in Vancouver we had a thought about the Trans-Siberian Railway, and suddenly we were thinking, "Why not take the trip now? After all, September or October is the perfect time to take a trip on the TSR."

And so the idea came to be.

So, after coming home, we continued to nurture the idea. We monitored the job situation as well, but probably not as seriously as we had before. By the first part of June, we'd pretty much settled on traveling instead of working. We told our parents about the trip a week ago, and yesterday I told my recruiter that I wouldn't be needing a job come August. We've sent in an application for Jess's new passport (she filled her other one), and as soon as it comes back, we'll be purchasing visas for Russia and China, the two countries we need them for. With that investment, it will be a done deal - we're hittin' the road!

At this point, our plan has sort of congealed into a Round-The-World trip, perhaps even a Seven-Continent Trip, if we manage to find a way to get to Antartica. Our itinerary as it stands at this point:

We'll spend most of August with family, first in Colorado, then South Carolina. We'll fly out of Charlotte around the 25th of August, to Madrid, Spain. We'll wonder around the southern part of Spain for a week or two before heading across by ferry to Morocco, where we'll spend a week. Crossing back to Spain and Madrid, we're thinking of taking an overnight train to Lisbon for a few days in Portugal before flying out of either Lisbon or Madrid to Helsinki, Finland. From there we will take a train in St. Petersburg and then Moscow to catch the TSR. We'll pass through Mongolia on our way to Beijing on this week-long trip. From either Xi'an or Shanghai, we'll fly to Bangkok, Thailand, from which we will embark on a two or three week tour of Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia). We'll likely fly from Bangkok to Sydney, and then spend a week or so in eastern Australia. Finally, we'll fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina. From there, we'll head down the coast of Argentina to the southernmost point in Patagonia, where there is a possibility of going to Antartica. We'll head up the other coast by ferry to Chile, where we will visit friends before continuing on to Peru. We'll head back southeast from there, through Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and possibly a bit of Brazil on our way back to BA. Then we'll head back to Denver.

There, nothing to it. That's the plan, anyhow.

So, we'll see how it all turns out. It sounds better than working, at any rate.

Until next time, be safe.

Crazy Dog Story

Here is a hilarious story from across the Atlantic. While you can see the actual story here, I'll paraphrase the gist of the story.

Essentially, a very bad little 4-year old decided to "wash" his dirty puppy - in the toilet. Perhaps he figured that they puppy needed the full spa effect, including the power wash, and flushed the toilet. Unfortunately for the puppy, down it went into the sewer. While it survived the experience, it spent the next four hours laying in a river of poo.

Eventually, after firefighters failed to save the dog, a plumber pushed it along to the next manhole, where it was saved. It was thoroughly washed, I assume, and the firefighters, cops, and the plumber all went home. That's when that little monster got his bum warmed by his father, who was probably pissed at the $5000 bill that likely showed up in his mailbox within a couple of days for services of the firefighters and the plumber. The articles don't exactly confirm that, but it goes without saying, really.

At any rate, in case you need pictures to flesh out the mental picture, I downloaded some. They are really what makes this a great story.



In case you want to see the little brat, here is a photo of him. He is apparently either a hobbit or a very evil little child. The perhaps is the precursor of a serial killer. Check out those eyes, and that expression of disdain for society and its rules.


Until next time, be safe.

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