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Pictures From Kenya

I've been working hard on getting pictures up on my website. I had over 3000 to go through. I ended up deciding on 650 of them to put up. I had to clean these up a little, then resize and rename them. I had to put up pages for them, and put captions under each.

Phew! And it's not all done. What I want to do is put exerpts from my personal daily journal that I kept on each page. The journal was really long, so there should be plenty of material to use. But that I will work on that slowly.

At least the pictures are up for viewing. I've separated them into weekly sections. I also broke the pictures of the national parks (Shimba Hills, Tsavo East & West, and Amboseli) into their own sections, since there were so many pictures of those. Click Here for the link, or copy this link as well to get to my photo website:


At least with the captions, you'll be able to tell what the pictures are. I've got to go through and lighten some pictures. The uploading to the Internet darkened some. Also, check back in a week or so to read the journal entries I'll be adding.

It's good to be back in the US. I'm busy, not only with the pictures, but I'm designing three books of Kenya pictures, and I'm also collecting my thoughts for both a presentation at work as well as an article I'd like to publish. I also am trying to figure out how to fundraise for the Kokotoni Clinic, and am writing up my recommendations. Finally, I'm already thinking and planning for next year. So there is a lot of interesting things running through my head. I'll present some of the better events here.

 Anyone with ideas, please let me know.


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