Seven Continent Trip - August, 2009 Thru March, 2010

Aaron & Jess have finished a six month long backpacking trip around the world. They visited 20 countries, on six continents, and these are some of the nearly 6000 photos taken during the trip. Read about the trip on the Seven Continent Trip Blog.

Starting The Trip In Portugal
Portugal Prints & Slideshow
Our six month backpacking trip started out in Lisbon, Portugal, a sun-drenched, beautiful coastal country.


The Sunny, Gorgeous Country Of Spain
Spain Prints & Slideshow
We thoroughly enjoyed wandering southern Spain, eating, drinking, and talking with the locals.


Into Africa: Two Weeks In Morocco
Morocco Prints & Slideshow
We had a fascinating two weeks in the Arabic country of Morocco, like no other country.


Delving Into Poland's Past
Poland Prints & Slideshow
We spent a week learning about the tragic past and strong current culture of Poland


A Day In Berlin
Germany Prints & Slideshow
We only had a day in Berlin between Poland and Turkey, but turns out is was Reunification Day, which made everything more interesting.


Blasting Through Turkey
Turkey Prints & Slideshow
We only had a week, but with the help of night buses almost every other night, we saw a lot of this fun and beautiful country.


A Sunny Day In Greece
Greece Prints & Slideshow
We took a ferry from Selcuk, Turkey, to get in a day on a Greek island, Samos.


Thailand, An Introduction To SE Asia
Thailand Prints & Slideshow
We started our SE Asia stint in Bangkok, and passed through Thailand again on our way out of the region.


A Relaxing Experience In Laos
Laos Prints & Slideshow
We should have spent more time in Laos, because it was a very peaceful and beautiful country to visit.


Vietnam Wins Us Over
Vietnam Prints & Slideshow
This was a crazy, fun country to visit, and probably our favorite SE Asian country.


Cambodia: Ancient & Recent History
Cambodia Prints & Slideshow
We saw the best and worst of Cambodia, visiting sights of recent atrocities as well as beautiful, ancient heritage sites.


Stopping Off In Malaysia
Malaysia Prints & Slideshow
We paused for a couple of nights on our way south in the island city of Penang. Not our favorite experience, but the wildlife was quite nice.


Singapore: Last Stop In Asia
Singapore Prints & Slideshow
We stayed a night in Singapore before flying to Australia, and found that there was a lot to see and do in that time in this interesting corner of the world.


An Intro To Australia
Australia Prints & Slideshow
We took our time and spent the three weeks we had in Australia camping from Melbourne to Sydney, so there'll be plenty to see next time.


New Zealand
Visit To North Island Of NZ
New Zealand Prints & Slideshow
We saw the north tip of the north island of NZ, and we met some really great people.


Holidays & More In Chile
Chile Prints & Slideshow
Spending Christmas and New Years with good friends, then the Navimag and a 80+ mile hike in Torres del Paine - who could ask for more?


Touring The Amazing Country Of Argentina
Argentina Prints & Slideshow
We couldn't get enough of Argentina - hiking in Patagonia, chilling in BA, gaping at Iguazu Falls, the Carnival, and all the rustic towns in the north-east.


A Relaxing Experience In Uruguay
Uruguay Prints & Slideshow
We only passed through Uruguay in the course of a few days, but it showed itself to be a modern, laid-back little country, which was nice.


The Other-World Of Bolivia
Bolivia Prints & Slideshow
Though the people weren't the friendliest, the amazing terrain of Bolivia, with its high altitudes and vast salt plains, was simply astounding.


Peru: The Last Stop
Peru Prints & Slideshow
We spent the last part of our trip exploring lands long inhabited by Inca and their descendants, a place of intriguing architecture and well-established culture.


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