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An Interesting Night

Hello All!  It´s Jess.  We are still in Seville and will leave for Tarifa in the morning around 9:30.  We are both looking forward to our upcoming journey through Morocco.  Our experiences there will be so different from the ones we have had in Spain and Portugal.  It should be a good time though!

So last evening we went to see a bullfight.  I can´t say that I am proud of the fact that I have now witnessed such an event, but it seemed we should go to experience this part of the Spanish culture.  I will try not write too many gruesome details, but there were several thoughts that I took away from the experience. 

I do not believe that bullfighting is an actual sport.  Prior to the matador making his grand appearance, the bull has been charging for 10-15 minutes towards various colorful capes and has been horrifically stabbed 5 times.  So, when the matador enters the arena, the bull is exhausted and bleeding profusely.  There is virtually no chance of the bull actually winning the match.  The matador then taunts the poor animal until he then decides it is time to stab it.  If it was actually a fair game, the matador would confront a healthy vibrant bull, and the animal would have chance for victory. 

As I sat in the stadium surrounded by cheering fans eagerly awaiting the kill, I wondered what happens to the bull once it has died.  We did learn the answer, and apparently the meat is donated to charity.  I suppose hearing this pleased me somewhat.  So basically this is just a different form of killing an animal to use its resources.  Instead of being sent to the slaughterhouse, he is sent to the ring to be taunted and stabbed by the matador.  It is unfortunate that the latter death is not quick and painless, but drawn out to 20 or so minutes. 

I could write down more opinions on this, but I won´t because I would probably type all day.  So, in my small and humble opinion bullfighting is in no way, shape, or form a sport.  It is just another way to slaughter a cow, which in the end provides nutrition for those in need, thanks to donation.  I would never go back to a bullfight, but Aaron and I try to immerse ourselves into the culture when traveling.  I don´t always agree with what I see, but I try not to judge because each and every place is so different.  I guess that is what makes the journey so interesting.

On a lighter note, tonight we will join the hostel group for dinner of paella and drinks.  I am sure a good time will be had! 

Peace, Jessica


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