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Photos From Tour Of Salar de Uyuni

Here are some of the pictures I took in the Salar de Uyuni and the surrounding area during our four day tour. Pretty special place, nothing else like it on Earth.

Valley Upon Leaving Tupiza

Cactus & Valley, Outside Tupiza

Llamas In Valley

Guanacas Grazing

Mountain On First Day

Odd Rodent Common In High Bolivia

Ruins Of Mining Town

Village Passed On Second Day

Surprise Green Valley

Colorful But Barren Land

Jess & Aaron At Salt Lagoon

Gorgeous Volcano, Day Two

Laguna Verde, Near Chilean Border

Fumaroles Of Hissing Sulfur Gas

Gas Clouds At Geysers

Boiling Mud Pits

Desperately Empty Land

Flamingos Taking Flight

Laguna Honda

Llama Peering At Camera

Laguna Colorada

Hut Near Laguna Colorada

Jess In Middle Of Nothing

Arbol de Piedra (Rock Tree)

Don´t Smoke!

Andean Flamingos Grazing

Reflection Of Salt Lagoon

Chilean Flamingo Reflected

Rocks At Mirador Volcan Ollague

Rocks & Distant Volcan Ollague

Carnaval In Podunk Village

Jess & Aaron, Sunrise, Salar de Uyuni

Jess & Our Land Cruiser

Sunrise From Isla del Pescado

Jess & Aaron, Isla del Pescado

Cactus, Isla del Pescado

Group Shot, Isla del Pescado

More Cactus, Isla del Pescado

Nandu On Salar

Aaron Driving On Salt Flat

Our Whole Group On The Salar

Jess On The Salar

Optical Illusion 1

Optical Illusion 2

Optical Illusion 3

Optical Illusion 4

Optical Illusion 5

Aaron On The Salar de Uyuni

Until next time, be safe.



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Enjoy your last few days! See you soon, maybe.

youse guys are crazy. Loved the illusions.

I want to make some.

Glad you are safe and well.



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