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Wasini Island Snorkeling

I’ve just spent a couple of days in the Shimoni Village / Wasini Island area, per recommendation of a fellow traveler. It was quite fine. I arrived early, set out on a boat for long ride and quite a lot of snorkeling. The thing about snorkeling is that an hour is often about enough for a day, you don’t want to go out again and again. It’s pretty tiring for those of us not so used to swimming (or exertion in general). At any rate, the snorkeling was really fantastic. I have little to compare it with, mostly Jamaica and Hawaii a long time ago. Jamaica was just as beautiful and there we didn’t have to go out so far on the boat. But this was nice as well, and I got to travel on a dhou, which at a couple of points they even set sail and allowed it to cruise on nature’s power. Dhous are a traditional sort of boat, typically used in fishing.


I ended up staying the night. There was a small miscommunication between myself and the people who run the snorkeling outfit. Their website apparently hasn’t be updated for awhile, and so I was under the impression that two days of snorkeling ran $60. Later, it turns out that it is $60 a day. As this was unbeknownst to me, I stayed the night in the village (the only nonlocal, I found out), and went again in the morning. I stayed in a little banda, which is a litte hut with a bed and a bathroom. It was in the rainforest, so it was a little musty, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.


I imagine that I wouldn’t have gone a second day if I had known it would cost me $60, but other than that, I had no complaints. They provided lunch on the island, which is completely without power, running water or any vehicles. I had crabs harvested on the island as well as fish. It was a nice experience. Other than the fact that my “waterproof” sunscreen proved quite the opposite and I look like a lobster now, or one of the crabs I devoured.…


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