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Pictures From Majdanek & Auschwitz

These are depressing pictures from the two concentration camps we visited in Poland, Majdanek and Auschwitz. My blog posting about these pictures and the concentration camps is directly below, under all of the pictures, so keep reading.

Human Ashes, Majdanek

Crematorium, Majdanek

Watchtowers, Majdanek

Red Shoe In The Pile, Majdanek

Gate Of Auschwitz

Warning Sign, Auschwitz

Execution Wall, Auschwitz

Street At Auschwitz I

Electricity, Auschwitz I

Gate Of Death, Auschwitz II

Selection Area, Auschwitz II

Until next time, be safe.



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thanks for all your first hand accounts from the concentration camps and towns of Poland. I've often wondered about the emotional climate of eastern Europe (where my ancestors are from), and how these smaller countries who live in such close proximity to each other and who were once mortal enemies really felt about each other in this generation. It's great to get your perspective--when you speak of the Poles' forgiveness, I wonder why other cultures refuse to or cannot, and re-hash older, even more ancient hatreds even today. Maybe the Poles had opportunity and were ready to leave misery behind, whereas these other cultures feel oppressed and see no other way. But then I'm not there....let me know what you find out! Love the blog, Greta

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